What we do as Gwyddons encompasses more as worship as opposed to magic. Magic is secondary to the Gwyddon, whose goal is to know what he is and what deity is. A Seeker will notice that we do not have volumes of spellwork, nor do we have pages of instruction on spell construction. Within each individual Gwyddon College, study is at the Student’s pace, as he asks his teacher for help and lessons. Therefore, it is always the Student’s responsibility and choice, and only his, to succeed or to fail. The Gwyddonic Order is not a path for wimps.

Gwyddon teachings are strict and exact. A Gwyddon works hard to achieve the clarity of mind necessary to practice our methods. We are proud of our accomplishments, which lead us along the road to Wisdom. Be ever mindful that the teachings of the Gwyddoniad are a Guide to the Student. The Student’s path is also sacred. However, this does not give a Student permission to change our teachings to suit himself. A Student does himself nor his College any favors by changing things “to suit himself”, no matter how much he thinks he understands the material. The real key in gaining inner-strength is garnered from “knowing what you know” as well as what you do not. (Reading the material contained in this website, as well as material contained in books and elsewhere, does not qualify anyone to call himself a Gwyddon.)

A Gwyddon Teacher’s most important objective is to teach the Concept of Oneness. He can also share the knowledge of the Craft’s traditions, history, and respect for life and nature. If one is truly interested in learning magic and metaphysics, then the traditional structure of the Gwyddoniad is set up for that. If one wants to party, without the responsibility of learning, then please, go elsewhere. A variety of groups like that do exist.

What makes the Gwyddoniad what it is? Read about our Traditional Hallmarks here.

– Please Note: Reading the materials contained in this website, as well as materials contained in published books and elsewhere, does not in any way qualify anyone to call himself a Gwyddon.

– Please Note: The Gwyddonic Order is not in any way affiliated with or associated with Trefn Gwyddoniad/y Awenechen or with Y Tylwyth Teg.

As well, Gwyddons are not Witches, Wiccans, or Druids. For further information, please read this website carefully. More and more, we are asked what the differences between the Gwyddoniad and Wicca are, so we created a descriptive list. We hope that you find it helpful. Please read here.